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Plus Size Clothing Tips

If you are a plus size woman, you have probably struggled with fashion and clothes at some point. It can be hard finding clothes especially when the majority of clothing stores do not cater to curvier women or have very little to offer.

I am going to start this article by saying: curvy is HOT.

Ok, now that you know you are hot, I am going to give you a few tips and guidelines on what to and what not to wear and then give you a few examples of curvy women who came into the sometimes very skinny-worshipping entertainment industry and took it by storm.


KNOW YOUR SIZE: wearing the right size clothes is so important, wearing larger clothes will make you look frumpy and sloppy while a smaller size will enhance your bigger parts. Do not be afraid of trying out clothes to find the right size.  But that said:


LET SIZE BE JUST A NUMBER: do not stick to just one size. They can vary item to item and store to store. Do not be afraid to buy a cardigan that is one size bigger if it means it fits better over your shirt. After all, it is just you who knows it is one size bigger! The rest of the world just sees how fabulous you look!


DITCH THE BLACK:  it is true that black is slimming. All dark colours are. But experiment with more colours. Too many black pieces would make your wardrobe monotonous. Even you will not be excited about dressing up. After all, it would be one black piece after another. Start out with dark, true colours: maroon, dark green, navy blue and ease yourself into reds and greens and blues and teals. When worn the right way, there is no colour you cannot carry.

If you are too shy to bring in colour in your clothes, start with accessories first. Chose colourful scarves, bags and shoes. Wear neon yellow earrings or a pink jacket. You can shop all you want for jewellery and other accessories. They will make your blacks not-so-monotonous.


COLOUR PLAY: if you have bigger thighs, wear dark trousers and a light shirt. Or a dark shirt over a playful coloured pair of pants if you have a bigger waist. It is all about drawing attention to your assets.


PATTERNS: it is simple really. The bigger the pattern, the bigger you will look and vice-versa. The more detail there is on your clothes, the more they will take away the focus from your size.


RUFFLES: NO! They add more volume.  Wear gathered fabric in areas you want to make smaller.


FOLLOWING TRENDS: like for everyone: all fashion trends will not suit you. Do not feel the need to buy something just because it is in vogue. Pick styles that compliment you

UNDERGARMENTS: go and have yourself measured for undergarments. It is not only important to give the right support to your breasts, it is also very, very important to avoid over-boob.

Find a bra that keeps your bust up so that you don’t look lumpy. If you have big breasts, try to avoid wearing padded bras, because that would make you look even bigger.

Also, remember that just because you have curves does not mean you cannot wear sexy lingerie and look good. I mean we all remember Sara Ramirez dancing in her underwear don’t we!


SHOP IN THE PLUS SIZE/ CURVE SECTION:  clothes in plus size sections are better tailored to your body. You will feel comfortable and confident. They are made to accommodate your curves.


OVER-LAYERING: avoid wearing layers. They will make you look bigger than you are and make you feel bigger too. It is very tempting to hide under layers and making sure all your curves are covered thoroughly by a couple of pieces of clothing. Remember: curvy is hot too. The only time it is not is when you add a lot of layers become frumpy


FIND A TAILOR: yes, tailors can be expensive. But it might be worth it. For example, you do not feel comfortable in off-the-rack work wear trousers. Go to a tailor and adjust them to your shape or have him make you new ones. It might be worth it when you are much relaxed while working! You will certainly get a longer run out of them.


FABRIC: chose a fabric with more fall. Clinging, stretchy fabrics will only highlight places you don’t want highlighted.


ACCECORIES: avoid putting on very small jewellery. Like small pendants or small rings. They highlight your bigger size. Go for big statement. Or you can wear a couple of necklaces at the same time or a few thin rings on one finger.


SHOPE ONLINE:  sadly, not a lot of stores carry a full plus size line. They will just have a few racks in that section. Go look online for the perfect clothes. It will offer you greater variety and save travelling expenses and you can compare prices easily. The Curve section at ASOS is awesome!


BE CONFIDENT: I know everyone says that. But I really mean be confident. When you are not confident, you tend to slouch. Hold you head high, take back those shoulders and wear some  high heels. They automatically make your calves look slimmer, you stomach goes in and your butt pops out. They give you a purposeful, feminine, confident gait.

Wear what you are comfortable in. If you don’t feel good in something, you will not be able to carry it very well. It is ok for your jeans to dig into your waist once in a while but you shouldn’t be uncomfortable every day.

And now, let’s look at some gorgeous ladies. This is just to remind you that just because you are a few sizes bigger does not mean you cannot look gorgeous. What all these women had in common though, was confidence in themselves.


HEART TRUTH NY FW08 01-31-08

sara 2



america 1


kate dillon


renn 1


One comment on “Plus Size Clothing Tips

  1. mygirldress143
    August 23, 2014

    Wow! I love plus size fashion and its color and patterns. I was just wondering when anyone going to write to plus size article.Nice tips here!Great job.

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