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Red Lipstick Rules

Red lips can give you a lot of confidence. And they are yet to go out of style. But many women shy away from it. They feel like they can’t wear it. Well, here is a secret: you can all rock this color. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can never be too old for it and there is no such thing as red lips not suiting anyone. Even our ancestors knew that when they used berries to smear across their lips.

The secret lies in finding a shade of red that you feel comfortable in and balancing the rest of your makeup around it.


There are so many ‘rules’ out there to wearing red lipstick. Here is the one I struggled with. I did not know what shade to wear. Should I wear warm colors or cooler shades? Then someone told me, if the veins on the inside of your wrist are green, you should wear warmer colors and if they are blue, you should wear cooler shades. The problem: it has been two years since and I still don’t know if the veins inside my wrist are bluer or greener. And for years I shied away from red. It was only recently that I found out, anyone can wear any shade! That is the whole beauty of red!

Another confusing guideline I have heard is finding ‘a real red with a tiny bit of blue’. Apparently that suits most people. Now unless you are a professional, how are you going to know if the REAL red has a tiny bit of BLUE in it?

So, contrary to what a lot of magazines will tell you, there is no hard and fast rule as to which shade of red looks better on which skin color. The important thing is that you feel good while wearing it. The best thing to do would be to go to the mall and try on a few different shades and pick the one you like best. You can even pick a couple of different hues.

I will give you a start though. Here are a few celebrities wearing red. You can pick out the one closer to you skin color. Buy that shade, get comfortable with it and then experiment with more!


Deep red

ann 1

This color swept us off our feet in The Devil Wears Prada. It is the ultimate lipstick shade, and Anne Hathaway wore it so well. It does work well with all skin colors though. Give it a try!

Sheer Red

ann 2

I would recommend sheer reds to anyone who is trying red for the first time. As with all red shades, you can wear it anywhere and can adjust its opaqueness by how many coats you apply. If you are shy at first, try on one or two coats. Layer it on the bolder you get.

Sheer reds can be casual when worn with little makeup or dramatic with smoky eyes and a rosy blush like Anne.

If you want to go for a matt look, just blot it out with a tissue. The possibilities are endless!

Warm Brick

sandy 1

For fair skin with yellow undertones, warm colors like brick red are a great starting point. Be warned though: it makes teeth appear yellower. Be sure to get some teeth whitening polish!


Dark Deep lip with golden undertone

laurie 1

Whether you are looking for a girl-next-door image or trying a sexy look, this shade will work for you.



kourt 1

Any shade of red works great with bronze-colored skin. And this is especially true for corals. Corals work with heavy blush, light blush or no blush at all. They are the easiest color to balance with the rest of your face.


Try pink-red lips like Jenna Dewan or be bolder and put on an orange shade like Jessica Alba. And look how well Leona Lewis carries Orange Red!


alba 1





Pucker up that pout with Tangerine-Hued Red like Rosario Dawson.

rosario dawson

Beyoncé proves my point well though. She has tried all shades of red and looked perfect in them all.

Beyonce orange

beyonce dark



It is a common perception that warmer, ‘truer’ shades of red go well with darker skin. Look how well Lupita and Gabrielle carry their crimson and yellow undertone reds!

Opaque crimson



Red with yellow undertones



One thing you have to be extremely careful about when wearing red is this: keep the rest of your makeup light. This can be a fatal mistake as you can end up looking like a clown. It has happened to the best of us. Case in point Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Leighton Meester.


Jeffrey Mayer




You can look at it this way. When wearing red lipstick, you don’t need to spend that much time on the rest of your make-up. Just mascara and a soft blush will do. Even just the red lips is enough!

So go on, try a red lipstick and feel gorgeous!

If you have some tips/ suggestions on red lipstick, please leave a comment below.


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    July 13, 2014

    Great post! I would love if you could visit my blog 🙂

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