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10 Exotic Cat Breeds You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

1. Teacup Persian – This is one of the most unique and smallest cats out there. They are so small that they can fit in a teacup, which is where the name comes from. Even as they age, they stay (roughly) the same size; they do not grow up to be the same size as other breeds of cats. Teacup Persians are not only adorable but are also friendly and very loveable.


2. Scottish Fold – These adorable cats are born with ears folded to the front of their heads, sometimes even two or three times, giving them that round-face and innocent look. This breed of cat ranges from long-haired to short-haired. A Scottish Fold are friendly and adjust to other animals in the house very well.


3. Exotic Shorthair – This cat is very similar to the Persian in comparison to its features but instead of longhair, it has shorthair; also known as the Shorthair Persain. Their personality is very similar to the Persian breed, they’re calm and friendly but can also be very lazy.


4. Munchkin – This adorable breed occurred by a natural genetic mutation which had many people worried about health and mobility factors. The mutation is that, in proportion to the rest of their body, they have very short legs. The size of their legs however does not limit them from running or jumping like the other cats. The Munchkin will leave you impressed with every stride!


5. Toyger – This cat is a breed of the short-haired tabby; A toyger is bred to resemble a toy tiger with a striped coat just like the one of tigers. Toygers may be an expensive house cat, but with one running around your furniture it will feel like you have a miniature tiger at home!


6. LaPerm – This affectionate and playful cat can be found in many colors and patterns though it gets its name from its curly fur. LaPerm has loose curls, with a mohair texture, and  ringlets with the bounciest being at the base of his ears, throat and belly. LaPerm’s charming personality will make you want to play all day long!


7. Khao Manee – Originating in Thaliland, this cat is known as the Diamond Eye cat. The Khao Manee has two different colored eyes, one eye is normally blue and the other is either green, yellow or gold. They have a white fur, heart shaped faces and high cheekbones. This heterochromic cat is a rare breed of cat that is popular is royal palaces. Many Khao Manees are deaf or partially deaf.


8. Savannah – A Savannah cat is a cross breed between a domestic cat and a serval (a medium sized African wild cat). The hybrid between these two cats creates a large cat (two and a half times larger than a domestic cat) with majestic features, like its beautiful markings and a tall and slim built. Savannah cats can be trained just like a dog, they appreciate water and will even go for walks on a leash!


9. Sphynx – Although it is not completely hairless, the Sphynx is known as the hairless cat. They have a small layer of fuzz-like fur, especially around their nose, ears, tails and toes. The skin of the Sphynx is loose giving it a wrinkled texture and they may or may not have whiskers. The patterns and colors of a Sphynx is the same as any other cat. This naturally mutated, hairless cat is very affectionate and is known for it’s loving and playful nature.


10. Elf Cat – The Elf Cat is a hairless breed of cat with curled ears like an Elf, thus its name. This cat is a hybrid of a Sphynx and an American Curl. Like a Sphynx, it is not completely hairless but produces a fuzz-like fur. They are gentle but very social and friendly cats that love to be handled.



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