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9 Clothing Stores You Shouldn’t Be Shopping At If You’re Over 30

As a woman, shopping is a large part of our lives. We do it for essentials, as a hobby, to socialize, and sometimes even to pass time. But once you get into your late twenties and thirties your style changes (or at least should change) and there are some stores you should avoid when going shopping for additional items for your wardrobe. The question is: do you dress you age? These stores may be great for the younger, more experimental crowd, but for a woman in her thirties, you may want to stick to a more classic and a bit finer looking style.

1. Sirens – The casual wear from this store is pretty nice, if you’re a young adult, but not for a woman in her 30s. This store is popular for its edgy apparel that sells a lot of bandage dresses. It also has a lot of short and revealing clothes, club wear, which does not belong in a thirty year old’s closet.

Target Market: 14- 21 year-olds


2. Forever 21 – This is a very popular store for young adults so a lot of people end up with the same outfit. When I go shopping at Forever 21 my outfits become very unoriginal; many of my friends and acquaintances end up with the same jackets and dresses. A woman in her thirties needs a more individualistic look.

Target Market: 18-25 year-olds


3. Urban Outfitters/Urban Planet – This store offers a trendy grunge look for the younger population. A lot of its apparel is casual so it also appeals to a slightly older crowd. Women in their thirties should try and avoid shopping here because the merchandise flaunts a younger, less age appropriate form.

Target Market: 18-30 year-olds


4. Garage – This store offers a skater look with its tube tops, short shorts, ripped jeans and leggings, and lots of hoodies. Those in their thirties should avoid this skater look or move on from it.

Target Market: 10-20 year-olds


5. H&M – This store always has some beautiful and trendy fashion pieces but the problem with their clothes is that they are not durable. The quality of H&M clothing is terrible. Every time I get a dress, blouse, or pants they barely last two washes. Either the color starts fading and they start to look worn out or the button/zip breaks or stops working. Also, I can’t remember how many times my dresses have ripped! So a woman in her 30s should avoid this store altogether and focus on brands with better quality.

Target Market: 17-26 year-olds


6.  Ardene – This is obviously a store for girls, yet I know so many adults who still get their jewellery, shoes, and even shirts and leggings from this store. The tagline it self says that this store sells clothing, footwear and accessories for GIRLS. So if you are a woman over 30 years old, avoid getting your clothes from this store, instead shop for your children there, it sells very cute items for young children and teens.

Target Market: 18 and below


7. Abercrombie & Fitch – This brand has faced a lot of controversy for statements made by people associated with the company – “we hire good looking people so they can attract good looking people”. The models themselves should be blond, fair skinned and good-looking. This has turned a lot of people off from this brand calling it a “racists” brand. The clothes they sell are also very casual. Moving on to a more formal look in your 30s is essential, so this store should be avoided, and not only for its racist image.

Target Market: 14-25 year-olds

Abercrombie and Fitch

8. Walmart – This is a department store with the cheapest prices and therefore very cheap quality in clothes. Walmart sells nearly everything but buying clothing and footwear from this store should be avoided. The quality is far from top-notch and the clothes look sloppy and for a much, MUCH, older demographic. But if you need groceries or electronics, head on over to Walmart!

Target Market: Individuals with a modest income


9. American Eagle – This is another store that sells casual apparel and is very popular for its jeans. It is however too preppy for the older demographic. When I was in High School this store was all the rage but as I got older my friends and I started shopping for a more sophisticated and original look that American Eagle does not offer.

Target Market: 15-25 year-olds


Owning a few items from some of these stores may work but try to avoid drowning your entire closet in High School apparel. As a fashion lover I believe that dressing your age is very important! So if you’re a 30 year old woman still rocking mini skirts and torn jeans, I believe it’s time for a closet makeover!

Comment below and tell us: what are your favorite and worst clothing stores to shop at?


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