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8 Fun And Inexpensive Things To Do With Your Husband

Living a routine life with work, school, children and other daily responsibilities can take a toll on your relationship. With day-to-day responsibilities you may start getting lazy in your relationship and feel the romance fading but remember, whether you are a year into your marriage or 20 years, it is important to keep dating your spouse and keep trying different things together. Watching a movie or TV together is usually the go-to option, but there is zero effort and conversation involved in that date. So why not instead try things that will stimulate your bond. Here are ten fun date ideas that you and your husband can try to add excitement to your relationship and keep the spark alive!

1. Smoothie Challenge


The smoothie challenge is great fun but only if you have a strong stomach. It’s a game of chance: you could end up with a tasty smoothie or a smoothie that will make you want to throw up. So this is how it works: on 20 pieces of paper, write down 10 delicious smoothie ingredients (ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, bananas, yogurt, chocolate, Oreo cookies, pudding, sprinkles, etc…) and 10 ingredients that should never go in a smoothie (meatballs, beans, tuna, hot sauce, cottage cheese, broccoli, chicken, ketchup, mustard, etc…). Now decide a base for both your smoothies (milk, juice, put some milk in both our cups and take turns picking ingredients. As you pick each ingredient, put them in your cup. Once each of you has ten ingredients in your cup, take turns blending them together and drink up! Loser is whoever can’t finish their drink; loser must do anything the winner tells them to. This game is great fun and guaranteed to get you both into fits of laughter.

2. Water/Nerf Gun Fight


The title explains it all- run to the store and grab two water guns, fill them up and go crazy! You can surprise your husband with a note like the one in the picture above. He will love it, especially if he is the adventurous type. If you’re doing it inside your home, be sure to avoid any electronics. Play fair and remember… it’s just water.

3. Play Truth of Dare


Have a Truth Or Dare game night between you and your husband. Ask some spicy questions or things you always wanted to know but never came around asking. For example: Have you ever done drugs, what is your favorite quality about me, or what is your wildest fantasy? Also dare them to do fun and bold things. For example: Propose to me all over again, prank call your mother, or get him to dance to your favorite song. Be creative. Ask the right questions and give them the right dares, not only will you have some great laughs and create fun memories, but sparks are guaranteed to fly!

4. Build a Recipe Book


Compile a list of all your favorite recipes and make a recipe book together. This could also be done in the form of recipe cards. You can add recipes as you come across new ones. Don’t forget to add the family recipes that have been passed on from the previous generation. If you do this between you and your husband you will have a list of all your favorite recipes from both of your childhoods to adulthood.; this could make a great family heirloom.

5. Play Two Truths and a Lie


How well do you and your husband know each other? Test it out by playing this very entertaining game. This works really well with those in long distant relationships. I played with my husband for two hours straight and we’re always busting out questions during random times in the day. This is how you play: you tell each other three things about yourself, one of which is a lie, and the other must guess which is the lie. For example: my favorite color is red, I broke my arm when I was a child, and my first pet’s name was Oreo. Now your husband must guess which one of these statements is a lie. It is a great way to learn new things about your partner, or surprise them with how well you know them.

6. Paint Each Others Portrait


Pretty explanatory. Now which art form you want to use it up to the both of you.. You can draw or paint a portrait of one another. If you are feeling creative and are up for the challenge, use clay and sculpt each others faces- this may get messy but it will be a great bonding experience! You can make this a date night by serving drinks, dinner or finger foods followed by dessert. It will be a night worth remembering.

7. Too Hot To Kiss Game


This is a fun teasing game you can play with your husband. The basic jist: kiss each other without actually touching each other and see who can go the longest. This may not last very long but it is definitely great for foreplay.

8. Dance-Off In The Living Room


This is something  the two of you will really enjoy, both watching and dancing, so move all the furniture in your living room and make space for a dance off! Turn your living room into a club space dimming the lights (if you have a disco ball add that to the fun) and playing your favorite tunes. Take turns to show off your moves and when there is a clear winner have some fun and dance with each other! Don’t forget the slow dancing to bud the romance.


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