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Feng Shui Colors In Your Bedroom

If you’re thinking of repainting or redecorating your bedroom, look into the Feng Shui theory for inspiration on color choices. According to Feng Shui, colors can greatly affect the energy of a room. Since your bedroom is probably where you spend most, if not a lot, of your time at home, before you decide to paint your room your favorite color, scroll down and read how the colors in your bedroom can affect your mood.




Black represents the water element, the night and the void. It is introspective, mysterious, and is associated with securing knowledge.

You should avoid painting your bedroom black because it can restrict energy levels in your bedroom; you may feel dispirited and have a hard time expressing yourself.

Focus on adding only small touches of black in your bedroom, like with lamps, cushions, floor mats, curtains, and other decorations. Avoid it completely in children’s bedrooms.




Red represents the fire element, excitement, and intensity. In Chinese Feng Shui, red is considered a lucky color because it directs happiness, prosperity, energy and passion. In Indian tradition, red stands for love, marriage and romance.

The best place for red is in the bedroom because it promotes love, romance and passion. This color directs a lot of energy so, if that is what you are looking for, paint a wall red or get a red duvet set.

People who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or over activity should avoid this color.




Blue represents the water element, the open sky, and tranquillity. It is associated with vastness and the outside forces of nature.

Adding blue to the bedroom is great because it promotes health, truth, calmness, and spirituality. The Feng Shui theory suggests that you should add this color in the east, southeast and northern regions of your room – these areas are where the energy is derived best from.

You can add blue to your bedroom by painting walls or through decorations. If you are depressed or feeling unsocial then you should avoid blue.




Yellow represents the fire element, sunlight, and happiness. It is associated with prosperity, unity and can give a room a positive and welcoming vibe.

In Feng Shui, yellow is mentally stimulating so add this color in children’s rooms to promote intelligence.

Because it is such a bright color, many people want to avoid painting their room’s yellow. Instead you can add accents of the color with decorations and even flowers.

People with an anxious personality should avoid this color.




Grey represents the metal element, synchronicity, and detachment. In Feng Shui, grey is the most composed color as it can help a person clear their mind and find peace.

Adding touches of grey to your bedroom is a good idea because it will bring forth soothing energy. The theory suggests that you should add this color in the west, northwest and northern parts of your room – these are the areas where the energy is best derived from.

You should, however, avoid using grey in a baby’s room.




Pink represents the fire element, femininity, and love. It signifies nurturing and therefore it is Feng Shui’s most gentle color.

Pink is a color of love and romance so adding it in your bedroom is encouraged. You can add touches of pink with decorations or flowers if you do not want to add pink walls in a room you share with a male partner.

People looking for a more masculine energy should avoid pink.




Orange represents the fire element, optimism, and exuberance. It is a social color and it signifies happiness and creativity.

If you are a fun and loving extroverted soul then this is your color. Orange promotes positive energy and draws people in. Add it to your bedroom by painting a wall, or with decorations like curtains or cushions.

People who are trying to create a calm, quiet and reflecting environment should avoid orange.




Purple represents the fire element, luxury, and high spirituality. Purple is the color of royalty and it signifies affluence.

It should be used in moderation because it is a vibrant color that can get too intense. You can add purple to your bedroom with decorations like paintings, curtains, or cushions. Avoid painting all your room’s walls purple, instead paint one or two (subdue the tone of the room by painting the other walls a more calming color).

People who are looking to feel more down-to-earth or social should avoid purple.




White represents the metal element, light, purity, and cleansing. It is associated with freedom and new beginnings.

A white room can promote freedom but also innocence. In a white space you will have good and whole thoughts. The Feng Shui theory suggests that you add this color to the west, northwest, and northeast regions of your room – these are the areas the energy is best derived from.

If you are feeling overwhelmed you should avoid the color white.




Green represents the wood element, balance and growth. It is associated with renewal and rejuvenation and so it is great for one’s health.

To get its full affect try adding different shades and combinations of green. You can do this by adding a green curtain, different shades of green pillows and cushions, artwork, and especially plants.

Green also signifies youthfulness and nourishment so it is a great color to put in a baby’s room.




Brown represents the wood element, nourishment, and stability. Because it is an Earth tone and is related to the natural world, it is associated with grounding and strength.

Brown also signifies affluence and prosperity so this is a great color to add to your bedroom. You can paint some walls or add it using decorations like curtains, pillows, and plants.

People who are looking to start something new or to make a change in their lives should avoid brown.

Don’t forget that 2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse- so it is the year of the wood element. Incorporate some greens and some browns into your home this year!

Comment below to tell us what your favorite room colors are.


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