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Plan The Perfect Date For Your Man

HerAbyss tells you how to plan a date that your man will think is perfect

Walks down the beach, watching the sun set, candle-lit dinners, going to the movies- it is all very romantic, but not for your man. Dating coaches find that a man’s idea of romance and perfect dates is very different from a woman’s. So when you set out to plan the perfect date for your man, what do you need to be thinking about? HerAbyss tells you what kinds of dates men find interesting.

The difference in dating perspectives for men and women comes from the fact that men are more goal driven. They fantasise less and are more restless. They are always looking for a challenge. Therefore their ideal date would need a climax, an experience. They would prefer an adventure over sitting at a table for two in a dimly lit restaurant.

Cook Together


cooking 2gether

If there is one common turn on for men, it is cooking with their partner.

Make this simple task into your perfect date.

Pick out a recipe together, go shopping for ingredients and then make the dish together.

He will see this as a mission. There is a definite goal at the end. And so he will definitely enjoy it more than being served dinner.

This is the time when women will find their partners drop their defences. When you both sit down at the end of a productive day you have shared, he is more likely to let you in and talk.

Women will find themselves sharing their inner most feelings after, for example, candle lit dinners, while men do so after a shared activity or experience.

Go to a Firing Range


Another date idea we recommend is going to a firing range or for a session of archery.

Men find a woman with a weapon alluring. They have always been attracted to confidence and strength in a woman.

You could even ask him to help you with aiming or to show you how to use guns. It will be a huge boost to his ego.

Paintball or Laser-tag Fight

robin barney

Or go for a Paintball or laser-tag fight. Everyone has heard that saying, ‘a man loves the chase’, well give him one. Let him hunt you down. Play a game of prey and preyed.

House of Horrors



Be the damsel in distress.  Go to a house of horrors. There is nothing more a man enjoys than making his girlfriend feel safe. Even if it is from make believe ghosts!

His Favorite Game

kate william

If you are up for it, get tickets to his favorite game. But do not pretend to like what he likes. They will see right through it. Fortunately, men are not as complicated as women. If you do not like watching sports and have tickets to a game, give it to him and tell him he can go with some mates. He will still think it is romantic.

Surprise Him

surprise him

Men love spontaneity. They will love a simple date that is unexpected more than a scheduled date night. Get tickets to a game or even a play or a movie and surprise him after work. He will love it if the date was not planned beforehand.

Or better yet, write him a mystery note telling him to meet you somewhere. Men so love themselves some mystery.

Around the World Food Tour


Spice up the usual dinner at a restaurant by planning an ‘around the world food tour’ where you aim to eat every course from a different cuisine.

Dress Up Like He Wants You To


Dress up the way he wants you to for a change. Take him shopping and listen to his suggestions. Every time you wear that dress, he will know you are wearing it because he liked it.

A Few Tips


  • Do not, while taking a man out for a date, buy him flowers or gifts. Men like to do that for you. They like to pamper. Accept that part of them.
  • Selfies are a major turn off for men.
  • Confidence is sexy to men. Just be easy in your skin.
  • Don’t fret too much about make-up and appearance. It does not matter as much to men as it does to us.
  • That said, all men love their girls in red lipstick. Go wear some!
  • While planning a fun-filled date for your man, do not forget: don’t do anything you don’t want to do. It will take the fun away for him as well
  • Remember: men feel nervous about dates too. They are just better at faking confidence than we are.

If you have any other ideas for a perfect date for men, please let us know in the comments section below


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