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The Best Face Masks Right From Your Kitchen

Get Flawless Skin with our pick of the best face-masks. The best news: they are all free and you can find them right in your kitchen!



There is no other cleansing face mask that works better than this one. Add almond oil, milk and an egg white to some oatmeal. Blend together till it is smooth. Put on your face and rinse off after 20 minutes.

Oatmeal has Amino acids which are the building blocks of the body and help repair tissue which makes it an ideal ingredient for a mask if you want to get rid of pimples and blemishes.

All the ingredients in this mask work very well together. Egg whites tighten the skin while milk moisturises it. Oatmeal is a humectant which means it helps your skin retain that moisture. Use for a glowing, radiant result.


pepto bismol

A very useful mask for those with sensitive skin. It soothes and coats your skin pretty much the same way it does your stomach. It works wonders in giving dull skin some radiance and in cleaning out pores

Apply it to the skin straight from the bottle and let it dry before gently rinsing it off with cool water.

Honey Mask


Honey is good for your skin whether you eat it or apply it directly on. Among its many wonders are its ability to cure acne, heal wounds and tighten your skin. It is full of antioxidants and is great for slowing down ageing effects.

Apply straight from the jar and let it set which usually takes no more than 15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water.

Tomato Mask


While we are talking skin solutions, tomatoes are great for the skin when consumed too. They are loaded with lycopene which acts as a sunscreen from within. So make it a point to put them in your salads!

For oily skin, mash up a ripe tomato and leave it on for 15 to twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

If you have enlarged pores. Add a few drops of lemon to a tablespoon of tomato juice and apply on your face. After massaging it in, leave it on for half an hour and wash it off. A few times after you have done this, you will see the difference to you skin.

If you have acne problems, tomatoes can help you there too. The acidity in tomatoes and the Vitamins A and C is exactly what acne creams are made of. So why waste so much money on all those expensive creams when you have a cheap, natural remedy right in your kitchen!

Also, as summer is approaching, it is a good idea to keep a few tomatoes at hand if you tend to burn in the sun. Add some yogurt to a crushed tomato and apply it on the area that is sun burnt, be it your face, neck or feet. It will cool your skin down and moisturize it.



Almost every movie star uses bananas as a firming agent. Mix it with a little bit of honey and apply to your face. Let it set before you rinse it off. It’s a natural Botox!

Apart from being a natural face lift, bananas are rich in a lot of vitamins beneficial for the skin. Vitamin A in bananas fades dark spots and blemishes. Vitamin B prevents ageing and lightens skin. Vitamin E prevents wrinkles and Potassium moisturizes skin.

Know any other natural beauty secrets? Tell us in our comments section



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