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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreams


The state of dreaming occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is a sleep phase that happens many times throughout the night. Everybody dreams, even though you might wake up and not remember what you dreamed about, people witness more than one dream every night.

Animals also experience dreaming

You might have noticed your pet dog or cat twitching or whining during their sleep. The brain activity that humans experience during sleep is also experienced by a lot of animals, including REM sleep. Since all mammals have the same neuron structures as humans, it is safe to say that all mammals dream. But this doesn’t mean that other animals don’t. Studies with rats have shown that they also dream- scientists have successfully manipulated what they dreamed about.

You can train yourself to remember your dreams

Most of the time it is very hard to recall the dream you may have had the night before so people often train themselves to remember their dreams. This can be done by keeping a dream journal. As soon as you wake up, you write down every detail you can remember from the dream, including sounds and colours. It also helps to talk to someone about your dream as soon as you wake up. The longer you wait the more you will forget; you forget 90% of your dreams within 10 minutes of waking up.

Not everyone dreams in color

17% of sighted people dream in black and white while the remaining dream in color. Experts believe that age can have a significant impact on whether or not you dream in color. People who grew up watching TV in black and white are more likely to dream in black and white, while those who grew up watching colored TV are more likely to dream in color. Many people, however, don’t pay attention to color while dreaming and tend to think they dream in black and white. Artistic and creative minds are most likely to notice color in their dreams.

During REM sleep your body is in a state of virtual paralysis

REM sleep usually lasts about 90-120 minutes in adults, which is only 20% of the sleep cycle, and during this period your body is in a relaxed paralyzed state by the brain. This helps prevent you from physically responding to events in your dream.

The most common dreams are:

-You are being chased
-Your teeth fall out
-You are falling
-Your partner is cheating on you
-You are back at school

 Do you know some fun facts about dreams? Tell us in the comment section below.


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