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5 Goals You Should Add to Your Bucket List

Many people have a list of goals that they want to accomplish in their lifetime, whether it is graduating from college, go on a road trip across the United States, meeting your favorite celebrity, or floating on the dead sea. Here is a list of five goals you should add on your bucket list.

 Fall in Love


Falling in love is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. Love can give a person the feeling of euphoria that nothing else can compare to. Of course there are very different types of love, but the one I am talking about is the one you can only experience with a significant other. If you haven’t already fallen in love, add this to your bucket list and open up your heart to the possibility.

 Visit a Country in Every Continent


Travel the world and experience its diversity by visiting at least one country in all seven continents- North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and even Antarctica. Each continent has a unique geography, history, climate and culture that is worth exploring. So add this to your bucket list and if you really enjoy traveling then take it one step ahead and try visiting all 196 countries of the world!

 Scuba Diving


A bucket list essential. Diving into the ocean and discovering a whole new world of species is one of the most beautiful experiences there is. There is a kind of tranquility under the ocean that cannot be found on land. Swimming with the fishes and observing the immensity of the ocean may be a little scary at first but it is a surreal adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life!

 Sky Diving


Another bucket list essential. The idea of jumping out of a plane may seem absolutely terrifying, but this ultimate adventure is very safe, highly regulated and an experience of a lifetime. Witness the breath taking view and adrenaline rush as you fall through the clouds and parachute to the ground. If this sport is too extreme for your taste, you can always try Bungee Jumping as an alternative.

La Tomatina Festival


La Tomatina festival- or the tomato throwing festival- is an annual food fight event that takes place on the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, Spain, and lasts a week. Not only is there a massive tomato fight but there is also music, dancing, parades, fireworks, and a cooking contest! This is a cultural experience that you cannot miss. What can be more exciting than throwing thousands of tomatoes at thousands of strangers from all across the world? You can also try The Holi Festival of Colors as an alternative, a color fight (with colored dry powder and colored water) that happens all around the world from Mexico to India.

You can visit http://www.bucketlist.org to keep track of your goals and share them with your friends .

What are you top 5 bucket list goals? Tell us in the comment section below.


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