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10 Weird Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Weddings: something every culture and society has in common. But there are a lot of weird, strange and gross wedding traditions out there that you may never have heard of. Here is a list of our top ten weird wedding traditions from around the world.

10: Blackening of the Bride


Scottish brides have their friends throwing treacle, soot, flour and all things disgusting at them and then tying them to a tree. In some parts of Scotland the ritual includes grooms too. The idea is that if you can handle this you can handle marriage too.

 9: Setting the Date



A Chinese tribe, Daur, have a unique way of setting the wedding date. After a feast at the groom’s house, the couple hold hands and kill a baby chick. They then gut the chick and look at its liver. If they think the liver looks good they are allowed to set a date. If not, they repeat the process till they find a liver that they think looks good.

 8: No Going to the Bathroom



After they get married, couples from the Tidong tribe from Northern Borneo are not allowed to use the bathroom and are expected to hold it all in for three days and nights. To keep them from breaking the rule, they are confined to a house and family members guard the bathrooms. The traditions is thought to ensure a good future for the couple, with lots of kids.

 7: Spitting on the Bride



At weddings in Kenya, the Massai people have a tradition where the father of the bride spits on his daughters’ head and breasts before she walks off with her husband.

 6: Drinking Out of a Toilet

toilet french


Before they can consummate their marriage, a French newlywed couple has to drink soup out of a toilet bowl to give them strength for sex that night. Nowadays they put chocolate in the bowl, but it still means the price of getting married in France is drinking brown stuff from a toilet bowl.

 5: Shooting the Bride

shooting bride


A Yugur groom in China will shoot his wife three times with a bow and arrow (arrow heads removed). He then breaks the three arrows to ensure they will love each other forever.

4: Shoes for Ransom



In India, when a groom enters the bride’s home, he takes his shoes off. The grooms’ family then protects them while the brides’ family strive to get them. Once they get their hands on the shoes, the brides’ family then hold the shoes ransom till the groom agrees to give them the price they want.

 3: Newlyweds, Sex, and the Brides’ Mother



In some parts of Africa, the brides’ mother will go to the marital room with her daughter to show her ‘how it is done’. That must be awkward!!

2: Marrying a Tree



Indian women born as Manglik are thought to be cursed with their first husband dying soon. To ward off the curse, she is first married to a tree. That tree is then cut down and burned before she can marry a man.

1: Wearing White



We cannot imagine a wedding with the bride not wearing white, right? But this tradition only dates back to 1840 when Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding which was very strange because white was the symbol of mourning. Elites on both sides of the Atlantic copied her and soon it became a symbol of wealth. It meant ‘we are so rich we can afford to give our daughter a white dress which can be ruined by a spill’.

Middle-class British and American brides did not begin wearing white at their weddings until after the Second World War. After increased prosperity in the 20th Century it became common practice to only wear the dress once. Even Queen Victoria had her wedding dress re-styled for later use!

Post a wedding tradition that you find strange below, we would love to hear more!


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