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Top 5 Books for Children

“Tell me a story” – a plea every child makes at bedtime. If you are running out of stories  for your kids, here is a great list of children’s books to get you started.

Wishing Chair Stories



This is a three book series by British Author Enid Blyton. It follows the adventures of Peter and Molly who find a wishing chair that sprouts wings and flies. The book that leads children to the land of their fantasies. It is complete with edible houses, talking toys, pixies, giants and invisibility. The trilogy has fun, adventure and suspense.




A best seller by Roald Dahl. This book is one of my personal favorites. A giant kidnaps Sophie from her room and takes her to a faraway land that is not even on the map! Sophie suddenly finds herself in the strange world of giants, one she had never even imagined. She learns new things like how giants live and how dreams are made. She finds a friend in the big friendly giant and they both set out on a special mission.

The Children of Cherry Tree Farm



Another great book by Enid Blyton. Four brothers and sisters are sent to Cherry Tree Farm, where their uncle and aunt live, to get some fresh country air. There they meet a frightening wild man in the woods who soon becomes a good friend and introduces them to the magic of living in a forest. The book stirs children’s interest in farms and animals. As entertaining as it is, it also teaches a lot about wildlife and animals.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer



A Mark Twain classic, this book is set a hundred years ago and follows Tom, an orphan living with his aunt. The book tells the story of the adventures of Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn. The book touches on adventure and a kid’s version of romance. It starts with a lazy summer afternoon and escalates into a breath taking adventure. A must read.

Oliver Twist



A great book by Charles Dickens, it tells us of an orphan boy and his strive for survival, first in the orphanage and then in the world. He is against gang of thieves who try to introduce him into their world. There are a lot of interesting characters and a story plot that would make your kids want to read on.

What are you favorite children’s stories? Tell us in the comment section below.


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